Journal of Digital Health


Healthcare in digital field is the upcoming topic of today’s world. Journal of Digital Health serves to this newest discipline by providing unique and dynamic research by interconnecting information and communications technology with marketing and management of healthcare services at a strategic level.

Aims and Scope

This new interdisciplinary journal’s aim is to connect the evolution of advances in technology and informatics in medicine, health, marketing and all aspects of health care. Journal of Digital Health covers topics including: - E-Healthcare - Social Media and Online Social Networks In Healthcare - Healthcare Informatics - Biomedical Engineering - Telemedicine - Personal Genetic Information - Healthcare Systems Development and Reforms - Health Staff Issues - Social, Political, Cultural and Ethical Implications of Advances in Digital Healthcare The articles sent to Journal of Digital Health will be fully peer-reviewed, published online after acceptance and will be available on an Open Access basis. Open Access which is a paradigm shift in scholarly publishing means you can publish your research so it is free to access online as soon as it is published, that is, anyone can read (and circulate) freely and cite your work. Many funding agencies mandate publishing your research open access.
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